How to Level Up Custom Product Boxes?


Custom product boxes are most functional and wide using boxes. They are considered as use full packing item in houses, factories, offices and working areas. These boxes are used to collect and store all the mess spread around thus provide vacant space for work and are acceptable worldwide. These boxes are used for handling any type of product may be round, cylindrical, square or in any shape. The property of such boxes is to manage the packing of any product without damaging it.

Custom product boxes are used by most of the working companies, in export business, shopping mall, branded shops etc. strong and unique design boxes enforced your customers to buy your box. Because when you enclosed any of your items in a stylish box it attracts more.

There are some points, by knowing these you can buy more attractive custom product boxes.

  • Graphic design

                   The design of the box should be as it attracts your customer as well as perfectly matches with the product. In this business world when you have many competitors you need a box which fulfill your customers point of view and make your standard among others. So box should have classy but professional outlook, unique graphics, colorful artwork, different patterns according to customer satisfaction.Die Cut Boxes

  • Die cut boxes

Die cut is a special process to give more accurate finishing option. It makes your box more creative. It is mostly use when to want to store more then one item in your box. Then you need some special arrangements called die cut these may be a partition or using a try or some other depends upon consumer.

  • Foiling and embossing

If you want to increase the value of your product then these options helps you. Embossing/debossing   make the image clear. While gold or silver foiling make it more appealing. Custom product boxes having these options look classy and elegant.

  • UV Coating

To give your box a finishing look UV coating is required. It gives gloss or matte lamination.  This coating gives certain benefits to your box like

  1. High resistance
  2. Eye catching attraction
  3. Give a luxury look
  4. Make it durable
  5. Moisture resistance
  6. Give a fresh look and keep away from dirt
  • Window

You can add a window upon your choice. If you want to display your product then this window helps you. For example in case of jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps these window give most progress to your business.

  • Labeling

By printing bar codes, company logo, product description, title, or other images promote the marketing of your product.

More over packing material should be rigid and hard to handle heavy objects. Good Printing quality also gives worth to your business. By checking all these points you can never be dishearten.

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